Oh, I do not like it when my youngest is suffering she is miserable and basically her only comfort is screaming and crying.  The last few days and nights have been very exhausting these are the days when you wish grandma would come over and sit for bit so that the parents could find some rest.  Grandma’s always have the experience we seek and offer good advice.  They have the I have been there and done that attitude that I love.  It is very difficult to see her through this day and worry about the night time.  Up for three days and not just me everyone has been experiencing problems.  Our kitty is also in heat.  Our home is quiet for the moment as I sneak in this post praying that it remains this way a little longer.  I had to escape for some venting and relieve some of this pure temptation to scream and cry along with her. Daddy has been good with all the girl drama but I sure do feel for him listening to the endless bickering and moments of melt downs.  I pray that it stay clears of my path and that I stay strong and do not get suckered into feeling sick too.

In effort to keep the germs at bay I spent majority of the a.m. cleaning I am so proud I got the two older ones involved and they were good sports.  I do not make them do chores however they should I see no point in it if there heart is not in it.  I want them to feel compassionate about cleaning and want to help whenever they can and they do.

Well, the moment has passed of quiet me time, and off I go to comfort the little one.